Kelley Shaw

Kelley Shaw (Treasurer) is an engineering geologist at Slate Geotechnical Consultants in Berkeley, California. She received a dual B.S. in geology and environment science from University of California at Davis in 2013 and a M.S. in geophysics from University of Reno in 2018. She has performed seismic hazard studies, geologic mapping, geotechnical investigations, geomorphological interpretation, and geophysical studies for a variety of projects located throughout the United States, and abroad. Her project responsibilities include earthquake catalog processing, characterization of seismic sources, and executing models to calculate probabilistic ground motions. She has worked on a number of fault rupture studies and geologic hazards studies throughout California.  Recently, Ms. Shaw has managed a large-scale, multi-year geotechnical investigation campaign for a large water project, leading a team composed of numerous subconsultants and subcontractors, successfully collecting thousands of feet of valuable subsurface information in challenging conditions.