Chair’s Message

Chapter Chair Justin Lindeman alongside a fault

Thank you for your interest and participation in AEG’s San Francisco Chapter! While we have not been able to meet in person due to the risks and meeting restrictions involved with COVID-19, our Chapter is continuing to hold online Chapter meetings and events. We intend to return to in-person meetings in Spring 2022 and, going forward, we plan to keep a mix of in-person, virtual, and hybrid meetings.

Our Chapter has struggled to arrange meetings, to find speakers, and to keep our community engaged over the last 22 months, but we have found a way through it. We tried virtual social events (trivia night), explored hybrid meetings, and improved our behind the scenes infrastructure. Thanks to the perseverance of our volunteers, I believe our Chapter will be coming out of this pandemic much stronger than it was before. We have a nearly complete lineup for 2022 (see meeting schedule here; more to be announced) – that includes a field trip and plenty of great speakers – and a strong vision for 2023 and beyond.

Since we have confirmed a solid schedule for 2022, we plan to focus our efforts into reestablishing strong bonds with local collages and universities. One of my main goals for 2022 is to have a successful Student Night (TBD) where AEG can learn about current student’s research and award scholarships. In the end i is really all about getting the new generation involved with AEG.

Speaking of getting involved with AEG, our Chapter has been successful in the past because of our volunteer board members and committee chairs. We have a core group of volunteers who help to organize meetings and activities, but we need more help. If you have time and interest please get in touch and we’ll let you know how you can help make AEG-SF even better! We are currently looking for a Field Trip Chair(s), a Publications Chair, and a Student Liaison.

With the help of our Chapter Sponsors, we are able to offer discounted meal and activity prices to student members when we hold in-person meetings. Please consider whether your company can help support AEG-SF and see our Sponsorship page for registration information.

Thank you for supporting AEG (remember to pay your membership dues!) and for supporting the San Francisco Chapter!

Justin Lindeman
Chapter Chair