“Geologists’ Day” – September 20

Geology sign“Geologists’ Day” to be recognized September 20 – Do something extra!

“Geologists’ Day” will be recognized on Friday, September 20, 2018.  Sponsored by the AEG Advocacy Committee, this is a call for all professional, aspiring, and retired geoscience professionals to reach out for our profession.  This is a day to do something extra to raise awareness of the value of geoscience in public safety and policy-making.

Write a letter to your local newspaper about an issue that affects your area.  Give a talk to a local group – Rotary Clubs, scout groups, and various speaker programs are always looking for speakers.  Send a polite, thoughtful, clear, and brief email to one of your elected officials to consider geoscience in an upcoming vote or position statement they face – and offer to personally clarify the issue.  Offer an unbiased editorial to your local newspaper or television station on a geoscience issue that affects us all.  Post a Facebook message or send a tweet about a geoscience issue you care about.  Suggest a topic for a feature article for your newspaper or local television station.

You definitely don’t need to be a subject-matter expert to be an advocate for geoscience.  Anyone having general competence in geoscience, enthusiasm for its relevance to society, and a real interest in sharing its value to the community at large can do this.  These are just a few ways to recognize “Geologists’ Day” on September 20.  Think about it, and you can probably think of many more.

The simple recognition of “Geologists’ Day” will not change a building code, or enlighten an elected official, or inspire a young student.  But a real geologist, who is willing to do something extra just might.  This year, make it on “Geologist’s Day” – September 20!

Congratulations San Francisco co-winner of Chapter of the Year Award!


AEG Treasurer Cynthia Palomares with Maddie German (Carolinas Chapter) and Morley Beckman (San Francisco Bay Area Chapter)

Congratulations San Francisco Bay Area Chapter!

You are co-winners (with Carolinas Chapter) of the AEG 2017 Chapter of the Year Award!  The award, which includes $350 in prize money, was accepted on behalf of the Chapter by immediate past-chair and new Regional Director, Morley Beckman.

Recent news stories with geologic input by AEG Members!

Geology in the News!

In the past few months, AEG members from Northern California have commented on various geologic topics by local TV news stations.  Here are two recent ones, caught by our very own Website Editor / Regional Director.

Tim McCrink (Sacramento Chapter) speaking about the recent earthquake swarm near Hawthorne, Nevada
screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-6-41-54-pm screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-6-43-24-pm



Ted Sayre (San Francisco Chapter) speaking about the apartment complex at 310 Esplanade Avenue, perched above a rapidly eroding cliff in Pacifica.


Occasionally, AEG is approached to provide names of members who would be willing to comment as geologic experts.  If you’re interested in joining this list, let us know!