Don’t miss these local speakers at AEG’s Annual Meeting in Seattle

To read abstracts, follow this link.

Calaveras Replacement Dam Foundation Grouting Program
Ball, Scott, Hatch Mott McDonald,;
Don Riley,;
Bashar Sudah,;
Patrick Allen (TS #3)

Characterization of Precipitation Triggered Landslide Displacement by InSAR Observation in the Berkeley Hills, CA
Cohen-Waeber, Julien, University of California Berkeley,;
Roland Burgmann,;
Nicholas Sitar, (TS #16)

Using Multiple Investigative Methods to Reduce Uncertainty in Karst Characterization
Godwin, William, Fugro Consultants,;
Janet Sowers,;
Dave Fenster,;
Rick Cutsinger, (TS #10)

Fault Rupture Hazard Assessment for North Tunnel Mapping and Comparison of Design vs. Actual Ground Conditions, Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore, Oakland, California
Harvey, Sean, Brierley Associates, Inc.,;
Howard, (TS #15)

Estimates of In Situ Stress Direction and Magnitude from Analysis of Borehole Breakouts below a Section of a Major Water Tunnel Alignment, Hayward-Calaveras Fault Zone, California
Henrich, William, NORCAL Geophysical Consultants, Inc.,;
Jon Erskine, (TS #5)

Rock Slope Stabilization on “The Rock,” Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, California
Hundemer, Christopher, Treadwell & Rollo, A Langan Company,;
Mark K. Seel (TS #24)

Constructing a Driven Pile Foundation through a Closed Landfill, Underlain by Young Bay Mud and Undulating Franciscan Melange Bedrock
John, E. Morley, Kleinfelder,;
Chris Nardi, (TS #11)

Comparison of Site-Specific Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessments Worldwide and Recorded Strong Ground Motions
Johnson, Courtney, AMEC Environment & Infrastructure,; John A. Egan, (Poster)

Formation and Re-Activation of Ancient Translational Rock
McCormick, William, Kleinfelder, (TS #16)

Discrimination of Ancient Buried Valley Deposits from Franciscan Complex Melange, San Francisco, California
Medley, Edmund W., Terraphase Engineering, Inc.,; Jeffrey R. Raines (TS #6)

The Bottom-Up/Top-Down Jigsaw Puzzle Landslide, Santa Cruz County, California
Medley, Edmund W., Geological Engineer, Oakland, California; (TS#16)

What Does a Geology Licensure Examination Cost to Produce and Administer?
Tepel, Robert, Retired, (TS #23)

Conventional Tunneling and Geologic Mapping: Between a Rock and a Hard Place, New Irvington Tunnel, Sunol, California
Van Etten, Greg, Brierley Associates, Inc.,;
Alan Howard, (TS #15)

Other California Talks of importance to the San Francisco Section

The Process of Reviewing California’s Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zoning Act
Cato, Kerry, Cato Geoscience, Inc.,;
Charles Nestle,;
Chris Sexton, (TS #1)

A Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Assessment of Crescent City, California
Gonzalez, Frank, University of Washington,;
Randall Levee,;
Loyce Adams, (TS #13)

Tsunami Preparedness Activities in California: Applying Lessons Learned from Recent Events
Wilson, Rick, California Geological Survey,;
Kevin Miller, California Emergency Management Agency, (TS #13)

Addressing Naturally Occurring Asbestos in the Mining Industry
Bieber, David, HDR, Inc., (TS #20)