Soil Stratigraphy – Online Short Course Now Available

Glenn Borchardt’s popular “Soil Stratigraphy for Trench Logging” has been adapted to become an online course. This course contains an updated version of the lecture portion of the course he been giving for AEG for many years.

This course is great for students and young professionals looking to learn how to log and describe soils, and also a good refresher for soil scientists and archeologists wanting to improve their skills in describing soils and evaluating their features.

Course Description & Outline

Students will learn how to improve their trench and outcrop logs and descriptions of soils uncovered during geologic hazard investigations for development sites. It comprises six abundantly illustrated lectures: 

1. Soil Science Theory: CTPOT, the factors of soil formation

2. The ABC’s of Soils: Recognizing soil horizons and soil features

3. Preparing excellent trench logs

4. Pedochronology: Bookkeeping for the ages

5. Laboratory methods for pedochronology

6. Soil Tectonics: What faults do to soils; what soils do to faults

For More Information and To Register

Prospective students can see the introductory video at:

Students can get some freebie pdfs and learn more about the course at:

The cost is $250 and the first 30 members of AEG to purchase the course will receive a 10% discount (Coupon code: ssftl20). The first 30 college students will receive a 20% discount (Coupon code: ssftlstud). Upon successful completion, Continuing Education certificates will be available. Join AEG at: