AEG Regional Representation Map – Your Feedback Requested

In advance of the Mid-Year Board of Directors Meeting on April 25, we have been asked to review and comment on the draft Regional Representation Map.  This map was prepared in an effort to reduce the number of BOD members who attend the twice-per-year BOD meetings from one Chair per Section plus the 5 EC (30 total) to 11 Regionally Elected Reps plus the 5 EC members (16 total).  If you have any comments, please direct them to Sarah Kalika ( so she can accurately represent the opinions of our membership.

NOTE: this would not change our monthly meetings, we will continue to have monthly meetings held in the SF Bay Area.  We will elect a regional representative that will represent the members of SF and Sac at the BOD meetings (so essentially the representation of Northern CA will be reduced from 2 BOD members to 1).