Staff Geologist needed in the East Bay

AEG was contacted by a recruiter looking to fill a Staff Geologist position for a client company in the East Bay.  If you’re interested, please contact Shelbi Swint of 347 Group at:

Shelbi Swint
Direct 916.244.7682 | Office 916.242.4347 ext. 6006

Job Description:

We currently seek junior level staff geologist who will focus on execution of field operations with a focus on safety, efficiency and compliance with procedures.  The successful candidate will perform a variety of geological and field tasks by applying basic geological techniques and analyses.  The Geologist at this level is in a developmental mode, being trained in the utilization of relevant geological and/or hydrogeological theories and practices, and gaining exposure to Company procedures.   Some assignments involve the use of computer software applications (e.g., spreadsheets, CAD, aquifer test analysis, etc.).  Willingness to travel and/or relocate to field sites is expected.   The successful candidate will work independently as well as with contractors performing monitoring, sampling and site investigations.  In all circumstances they must be able to take prime responsibility for the execution of the work.

The responsibilities for this position will include but are not limited to the following:

•    Soil sampling during drilling, test pitting and excavation activities

•    Applying available data pertinent to geology and/or hydrogeology, accurately describing and classifying soil and rock samples.

•    Monitoring and groundwater sampling utilizing a wide variety of equipment.

•    Supervision of drillers and other contractors.

•    Providing technical guidance for stratigraphic and groundwater drilling programs.

•    Operation of various types of equipment (e.g. GPS, data loggers, survey level, combustible gas meters, etc.).

•    Completion of field documentation such as job safety analysis (JSA) forms, project field
reports, field notes, monitoring and chain-of-custody forms.

•    Work with project coordinators/managers, using interpersonal and organizational skills to ensure projects are completed on time and budget.

•    Assisting with geological mapping and in performing basic geologic analyses.

•    Assisting with geologic report preparation, including preparation of cross sections and compilation of environmental sample analyses.

•    Over time, would also mentor and provide technical support to more junior field staff, as required.

•    Work in the field, approximately 90% of the time and in the office 10% of the time, subject to project workload, weekends and evenings.

•    Perform other responsibilities associated with this position as may be appropriate.

Preferred Education/Experience:

•    4 year Degree in geology, geological engineering or similar programs.

•    One to three years of related working experience.

•    Familiarity with typical technician assignments and responsibilities, as well as tasks and testingtechniques related to operations.

•    A valid driver’s license.

•    Experience working on upstream or downstream oil & gas sites would be considered an asset.

•    Ability to work independently and as a team.

•    Should be able-bodied as the work requires some physical exertion such as long periods of standing; walking over rough, uneven, or rocky surfaces; lifting; recurring bending or similar activities.

•    Work in adverse weather conditions (i.e. hot, cold, rain and snow).

•    Excellent written and oral communications skills.

•    Maturity in interaction and ability to operate self-sufficiently in the field.