AEG Section Boundaries- Your Input Needed!

In advance of the Board of Director’s Meeting, held after the Annual Meeting in Scottsdale at the end of September, I have been asked to solicit input from our section members regarding realignment of section boundaries.

The constitutional amendment on the ballot in August has passed.  To refresh your memory, this amendment allows for the separation of the Section Chair position from the Board of Directors representative position and allows for these positions to be held by two elected members.  Additionally, the number of Board of Directors representatives will be decreased from approximately 30 members to 10 plus the 5 Executive Council members.  This means that the current Section boundaries will be re-drawn into approximately 10 new Sections.

We have been asked to take a look at the following and report back at the BOD meeting:

1) The proposed Section boundary maps
In case you’re wondering what the existing section maps look like, check them out here.

2) Proposed fee structure issues/scenarios

Therefore, I ask for you to submit your comments to me (email: no later than 5pm on Friday, September 26th so I can be prepared to represent the opinions of our Section at the meeting.

Thank you for your assistance and feedback!

Sarah Kalika