Meeting schedule for 2023 – 2024!


We are happy to announce our 2023 – 2024 meeting lineup:

January 16th: AEG President Sarah Kalika (DiabloGeo) at Slate Geotechnical Consultants in Oakland, CA. Register here.

February: Ben Kozlowicz (AECOM) at Drakes Dealership

April 10th: Jahn’s Lecturer Cynthia Palomares, PG, PE location TBD

Message from the new Regional Director, Justin Lindeman

Hello all,

I am your new Regional Director, Justin Lindeman. I’ve been involved with AEG for 11 years, most recently serving as Chair of the SF Bay Area Chapter. I have met many of you as I have been involved in all three chapters in some form. Soon I will reach out to you through a Chapter meeting to discuss in more detail my responsibilities and talk about the state of AEG in general. We will also talk about what is and what is not going right with you Chapter and discuss ways to improve the overall AEG experience. Below I briefly describe my responsibilities that include:

  • Attending the Annual and Midyear Board meetings.
  • Coordinating and conducting business meetings to identify issues, concerns, and opportunities within the Chapters and from individual members and communicating information from the Mid-Year and Annual Board Meetings, and other information from AEG Headquarters and the Council to members within the Region.
  • Keeping and distributing minutes of each business meeting to the Region’s membership, to the Board, and to AEG Headquarters.
  • Assist Chapter Chairs with their Annual Report submission such that it shall be received by the Association at least 30 days before the Annual Board Meeting.
  • Working with the Chapters to: cross-promote and advertise activities all AEG related activities within the Region; keep the Chapter Officers abreast of Association information; and​ seek input to represent members’ opinions at the Board meetings.
  • Submitting two Regional Reports to the Executive Council at least 30-day prior to both the Annual Meeting and Midyear Board Meeting.  These will be provided to the Chapter boards at least 2 weeks ahead of submission for their review and comment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me anytime. Hope to see you soon.


Justin R. Lindeman

Washington Geological Survey job opportunity!

The Washington Geological Survey is looking for a self-motivated, experienced, and enthusiastic senior geologist with a passion for post-fire landslide hazards to develop and lead a new program within the Survey. The new Post Fire Debris Flow Hazard Program will fill a critical need in Washington for assessment of landslide hazards in areas affected by wildfires. This position will be responsible for planning and leading post-wildfire emergency assessments of geologic and hydrologic hazards, installing and maintaining post-fire monitoring equipment, and developing pre- and post-fire geologic and hydrologic maps and models for planning purposes. This position also provides technical assistance to local and state agencies regarding planning and mitigating post-wildfire geologic and hydrologic hazards. The new program will sit within the Survey’s Landslide Hazard Program, an active and growing team of geologists and geoscientists dedicated to understanding landslide hazards in Washington. If you enjoy teamwork, are enthusiastic about collaborating with local, state, and federal partners, and have a deep interest in post-fire hazards and their impact on communities, you would be a perfect fit for this position. We look forward to your application!.
The recruitment closes on 10/11/2023. 

Apply here:

Virtual Mt. Diablo Field Trip

Missed our May 2022 Chapter Field Trip? Yes, we know- only took a year to put this together, but check out our video summary!

Special thank you to Dr. Bruce Pauly for leading the trip, Stephanie Pfau-Flores for organizing, and Sarah Kalika for the video footage & editing!

Additional thanks to Kristen Scheller for providing the group with homemade cookies!