Chair’s Message

Chapter Chair Justin Lindeman alongside a fault

Thank you for your interest and participation in AEG’s San Francisco Chapter! While we are not able to meet in person due to the risks and meeting restrictions involved with COVID-19, our Chapter is continuing to hold online Chapter meetings and events.  We are planning a Student Night for Spring 2021 virtual field trips in early 2021, and dinner-hour presentations for late 2020 and early 2021, so please join us!

With the help of our Chapter Sponsors, we are able to offer discounted meal and activity prices to student members. Please consider whether your company can help support AEG-SF and see our Sponsorship page for registration information.

Additionally, much of our annual budget goes to support legislative activities performed by our lobbyist, funded by contributions by the three main California AEG Chapters.  Our lobbyist, with the assistance of members of the three main Chapters, tracks bills submitted by our legislature that have a potential to affect our profession.  Bills are identified during each session that may need AEG’s support in the form of an endorsement, or AEG’s opposition in the form of a letter campaign or attendance at public hearings. Without these legislative efforts, and access to committee members as a result of our lobbyist, our collective voices would not be heard and represented effectively.  In an effort to release as much information to our members as possible in a timely manner, we will continue to post Legislative Updates on our website.  If you’re interested in assisting with the effort to track and respond to legislative issues, please contact me or our California Legislative Liaison Meredith Beswick (Sacramento Chapter) for additional information.


Receiving the 2018 AEG Outstanding Chapter Award

And finally, our Chapter is active and thriving because of our volunteer board members and committee chairs. We have a core group of volunteers who help to organize meetings and activities, but we can always use another set of hands. If you have time and interest please get in touch and we’ll let you know how you can help make AEG-SF even better!

Thank you for supporting AEG (remember to pay your membership dues!) and for supporting the San Francisco Chapter!

Justin Lindeman
Chapter Chair