Meeting Registration & Payment Process … Step by Step Tutorial

As you may have noticed, we’re trying a new registration system for our meetings that includes a PayPal pre-payment option.  Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it! (click on the screenshots to see them larger)

1) Click on the RSVP Today link in the meeting post.






2) Select the number of registrations using the drop-down box

You are welcome to register for yourself, member guests, non-member guests, students, or select a “student sponsorship” dinner where a student’s dinner costs will be paid for.

3) Fill in your contact info, company name, affiliation (AEG), and meal choice

*To Pay at Door: If you do not choose a number in one of the drop-down boxes, your registration will not proceed to the PayPal payment screen.  If you would like to register and pay at the door:

  • Do not choose a number
  • Fill in your contact info
  • Add names of guests, if applicable
  • Write “pay at door” in the notes box







4) To add additional guest names, click the + sign where it says “Add More Guests”.

5) Add a note (if you need to tell us something)
If you are bringing a guest, please add their meal choice in the notes box, or you can also tell us at the door.

(by popular protest, we removed the security code box, but had to add it back due to spam bots creating fake registrations)

6) Press the “Submit” button






7) Press the next button to proceed to payment through PayPal







8) Complete your payment through PayPal

You have two options through PayPal

  • Use your existing PayPal account (follow their login instructions)
  • Pay as a guest by clicking on “Don’t have a PayPal account?”






Click “Pay” to complete your payment and return to AEG’s website








9) You will receive a receipt from PayPal recording your payment.

You will not receive a confirmation if you choose to pay at the door, but your registration will be recorded in our system.

If you have any problems, questions, or feedback contact our Chair


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