California Members to Present Topics at the AEG National Meeting

Our section is proud to support the following fellow California Members scheduled to present topics at the AEG National Meeting in Salt Lake City, September 19-21, 2012!

  • David L. Perry, AMEC Environment, “Subsurface Characterization for Design of Silver Lake Bypass Tunnel (SLBT), City of Los Angeles”
  • David Bieber, Geocon Consultants, Inc., “Geologic and Geotechnical Investigation for the Gold Run Pipeline Replacement, Placer County, California”
  • Bruce R. Hilton, Kleinfelder, “Risk-Based Dam Engineering; Isabella Dam Case History”
  • Julien Cohen-Waeber, University of California Berkeley, “GPS Instrumentation and Remote Sensing Study of Slow Moving Landslides in the Berkeley Hills, California.”
  • Julien Cohen-Waeber and Ed Medley, University of California Berkeley / Terraphase Engineering, “The Importance of Mentor/Protégé Relationships in the Careers of Two Geological Engineers”
  • Patrick L. Drumm, Earth Focus Geological Services, “Ground Rupture Identified in Fault Trench Attributed to Earthquake 31 Years Ago, Greenville Fault, Livermore, CA”
  • William McCormick, Kleinfelder, “Geology and Geohazards of Alcatraz Island”
  • Dru R. Nielson, Jacobs Associates, “Terroir and Recycled Water in the Napa Valley Wine Country of Northern California”
  • Robert Tepel, “Elevating our Profession: Stewardship, Licensure, Accreditation, and Ethics as Critical Components of a 21st Century AEG”
  • Donald Wells, AMEC, “Mitigate Surface Fault Rupture Hazard? The Good, the Bad, and the Uncertain”
  • Thomas Barry, Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure Group, “Laptop GIS Analysis in the Field During Geotechnical and Geohazard Investigations”
  • Michael George, Univ. of California Berkeley, “Application of Block Theory to Rock Scour Assessment”
  • Vincent S. Cronin, Baylor University, “Improved Seismo-Lineament Analysis Method (SLAM) to Evaluate Seismogenic Faults, North Tahoe-Truckee Area, California”
  • Douglas Hamilton, Douglas H. Hamilton, Consulting Geologist, “The Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in South Central Coastal California; Incremental Recognition of Seismic Hazard, 1965-2012″
  • Douglas Hamilton, Douglas H. Hamilton, Consulting Geologist, “Devil’s Slide Tunnel from Conception to Reality: A Major Highway Tunnel in a Complex Geologic Setting”
  • Pete Jones, U.S. Forest Service, “Blue Ledge Mine Superfund Site Removal Action, Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest”
  • Jeremy T. Lancaster, California Geological Survey, “The Oak Creek Post Fire Debris and Hyperconcentrated Flows of July 12, 2008 Inyo County, California: a Geologic Investigation”
  • Robert A. Larson, Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, “Downhole Safety Training: The Experience of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works”
  • Robert A. Larson, Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, “How Demographics and the Economy Will Change the Profession of Engineering Geology”
  • Chad Lukkarila, Kleinfelder, “Innovation in Field Exploration to Evaluate Coastal Bluff Erosion Concerns”
  • Ed Medley, Terraphase Engineering, “Boring (But True) Tales of Subsurface Mischaracterizations,” “Development of a Protocol for Investigation of Sinkhole Activity,” “Recycling Ancient Technology – The Perennial Benefits of Aerial and Ground-Based Stereo Photography in Modern Geopractice,” “WYTYSINWYG – Recognizing Certain Uncertainties in the Characterization of Bimrocks”
  • Rosalind Munro, AMEC, “Westside Subway Extension, Los Angeles, California”
  • James Sanders, Group Delta Consultants, “New Evidence for Northern Extension of the Downtown Graben Fault Zone, San Diego, California”
  • Gretchen Schmauder, Nevada Seismological Laboratory, “Reexamination of Faulting in the Tahoe Basin Using Airborne LiDAR Data and Seismic CHIRP Imagery”
  • David W. Shaw, University of Nevada, Reno, “Preliminary Modeling of Volcano Flank and Dome Stability at Lassen Peak . Lassen Volcanic National Park, California”
  • Roy J. Shlemon, R. J. Shlemon & Assoc., Inc., “Potential Mitigation for Surface-Fault Rupture: A California Perspective”
  • Kenneth Smith, Nevada Seismological Laboratory, “The Nevada Seismic Network: Monitoring and Earthquake Response Challenges in Nevada and Eastern California”
  • Stephen Testa, California State Mining and Geology Board, “An Overview of Aggregate Availability and Sustainability in California”
  • Mayo Thompson, Zonge International, “Maximizing Data Acquisition while Minimizing Environmental Impact: a Southern California Case Study”
  • Manjiang Zhang, USDA National Forest Service, “Estimate of Surface Water and Groundwater Availability in a Mountain Basin of Southern California Using the WHAT System”
  • Joseph D. Zilles, Kleinfelder, “Water Supply Assesments in Arid Environments – Innovative GIS Application/Solution Approach”
  • Trinda Bedrossian, California Geological Survey, “Compilation and Mapping of Surficial Materials for use in Identifying Alluvial Fan Deposits in Southern California”
  • Jeremy T. Lancaster, California Geological Survey, “The Oak Creek Post Fire Debris and Hyperconcentrated Flows of July 12, 2008 Inyo County, California: a Geologic Investigation”
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