Join us for AEG’s Naturally Occurring Asbestos Symposium

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Winter 2018 Naturally Occurring Asbestos Symposium
“Assessment, Monitoring and Mitigation of Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA) and Elongate Mineral Particle (EMP) Hazards”

January 17, 2018

Note! We’ve moved the symposium to a new location:
Preservation Park – Nile Hall
668 Thirteenth Street
Oakland, California

Parking available across the street at:
City Center Garage West (corner of 12th Street & Jefferson Street)

Registration Information

Registration / Check-In : 7:30am – 8:30am
Presentations : 8:30am – 4:30pm (lunch, coffee, snack breaks included)

AEG Members $150 (before December 20, 2017)
Non-Members $175 (before December 20, 2017)

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Speakers & Topics

This year’s Symposium features presentations on the following topics:

  • Update on the Calaveras Dam Replacement Project
  • Characterization of Chrysotile and Amphibole Asbestos in Soil, Air and Water
  • NOA Challenges at a Job Site
  • Risk Assessment at NOA Job Sites
  • Unexpected Occurrences of Airborne NOA at the Bayview Hunters Point Redevelopment Project
  • Summaries from the ASTM Johnson Conference & Monticello Conference on Elongate Mineral Particles
  • Geology of the Oroville Dam Area & NOA Issues
  • NOA at a Dam in Taiwan
  • Uncertainties in the Measurement and Mapping of Fibrous Minerals in California
  • Review and Discussion of the AEG Ad Hoc NOA Regulations Task Group’s Petition to Cal-OSHA Requesting Amendments to Title 8 California Code of Regulations, Section 1529 Relating to Worker Exposure to NOA Minerals
  • Review and Discussion: Interpreting and Implementing the Asbestos Airborne Toxic Control Measure for Construction: Similarities and Differences of Six Northern California Air Quality Management Districts
  • and more!