Speakers and Abstracts

Selected presentations are available for viewing or download! If a presentation is available, the presentation title serves as the clickable link.  Please let us know if you encounter problems.  Some presentations are quite large and might take a few minutes to load to your computer. 

We gathered a diverse group of presenters for this year’s Symposium! If you have attended in years past, this year provides another set of outstanding discussions on NOA policy, projects, mitigations, and laboratory technology.

Working Group Intro slides

Alona Davis, Air Quality Specialist/Bay Area AQMD — BAAQMD Compliance and Enforcement of the Asbestos Airborne Toxic Control Measure for Construction and Grading in the Bay Area

Tim Fuhs, Air Quality Specialist/San Luis Obispo APCDSuccesses and Challenges: Implementation of the NOA ATCM’s in a Medium Air District OR a Friendly Approach to Doing More with Less

Chris Kirkham MPH, CIH and Jeff Ferrell CIH/Cal-OSHA – CAL-OSHA Perspective on NOA

Mark Bailey PG, President/Asbestos TEM Labs Serpentine-Covered Roadways and the Emergence of NOA Concerns in the US

David Damby Ph.D, Research Chemist/US Geological Survey — The Geology of Naturally Occurring Asbestos with Implications for Exposure and Disease (cancelled)

Rod Metcalf, Prof. of Geology/Univ. Nevada Las Vegas and Meg Sumner-Moore/Asbestos TEM Labs — Genesis of Nevada-Arizona Fibrous Amphibole: Is Amphibole Asbestos More Common than we think?

Douglas Laquey, NOA Manager-Boulder City Bypass/Fisher Industries — NOA Challenges on Nevada’s Boulder City Bypass Freeway Construction Project

John Balmes MD, Prof. of Environmental Health Sciences/UC Berkeley & Prof. of Medicine/UCSF —The NIOSH Roadmap for Asbestos Research

Jean Pfau, Prof. of Biological Sciences/Montana State Univ. — NOA: Forcing a Paradigm Shift In Evaluating Risk of Asbestos Exposure

David Seymour CEG, Ninyo&Moore—Construction of an Earthen Dam Using NOA–An Update from the Calaveras Dam Replacement Project

Carolyn Jones CIH, Health&Safety Manager/SF Public Utilities Commission—Community Outreach Strategies on a Large NOA Construction Project

Mark Bailey PG, President/Asbestos TEM Labs (Presenter); Wayne Berman PhD/Aeolus; Bradley Erskine PG, CEG, CDRP NOA Compliance Mgr./Kleinfelder — THE CDRP NOA Database – A Powerful Data- base and Expert System for Handling Air Sampling Data from Large Naturally Occurring Asbestos Projects

Philip Bumala MSPH, CIH, CAC, Senior Industrial Hygienist/Professional Service Industries – Successful NOA Partnerships

Jeff Austin, Principal/AlbionPartners—ATCM Implementation in the Field–Challenges and Successes in the Urban Environment

David Sederquist CEG, CHG, Sr. Engineering Geologist-Hydrogeologist/Youngdahl Consulting GroupA Consultants Perspective of 16years of NOA at California Public Schools

Sarah Kalika PG, CAC, Senior Project Geologist/Cornerstone Earth GroupAsbestos and Dust Monitoring for the Mining Industry: CEQA, ATCM, and Air District Compliance in Northern California

Alan Santistevan, XRD Analyst & Crystal Replogle, TEM Lab Mgr/Asbestos TEM Labs—X-ray Diffraction Analysis and its Application to the Analysis of NOA and Other Minerals

Mark Bailey PG, Co-Chair; Sarah Kalika PG, Co-Chair, & David Sederquist CEG,CHG, Co-Chair — Review and Open Discussion of Outstanding Issues in NOA Hazard Management and Analysis